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 World Class Guitar Repair Shop 

    Westcoast Guitars has been the "go to " music store for musicians since 1989. We have a full repair facility which does


quality guitar repairs, refretting, fret dressing, vintage restorations and refinishing. Everything from set ups and


intonations to complete rewiring, we have done it all for 25 years.



    Vintage instruments were always our passion at Westcoast Guitars. As a result many famous artists and celebrities


have bought and had their guitars serviced in our shop. We still remember Elvis Costello and The Attractions bringing


in his famous vintage fender jazzmaster with a pickup not working just before their gig. Our keen eyed repairman found


a tiny piece of metal shaving shorting out a pickup and saved the day.


    Another customer came in to the store with a guitar given to him by his father. He opened the case and all we saw


was a completely crushed  guitar. Someone had stepped on the vintage archtop acoustic and ruined it.  We took the


guitar and after a lengthy restoration, rebuild, and refinishing, the customer had his priceless gift back as good as new.


    We have seen and repaired just about everything you can imagine, for everyone from local musicians to rockstars and


collectors. You can be assured of excellent advice and quality repairs. We  are recognised as an authority on vintage


guitars, keyboards, and amplifiers  and can provide appraisals for insurance requirements.


    Don't forget, We also buy used and vintage guitars in good condition.

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