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Amplifier News

-Synergy Amplifiers now available to order

-Bogner Amplifiers now available to order

-Friedman Amplifiers now available to order

-Carr Handmade Boutique Amplifiers Dealer Canada

-US Made Supro Amps Now In Stock ! These are amazing ! Real Vintage Tone !

- New Blackstar amps arriving daily check our Blackstar page

-New Marshall DSL series, Slash Models, MG series, Bass arriving daily

-New Yamaha THR amplifiers with Cubase recording  and usb interface in stock

-New Vox AC-15s and Ac-30s in stock

-New AER acoustic amplifiers 

-Vox AC 1 amps with built in drum patterns arrived

-Remember if we do not have it. We will get it 

-No interest layaway on any amplifiers

-Best Price In The Universe

-Contact us for any special orders


Best Service and  Best Price Always 


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