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Built on decades of experience producing the finest all-tube power amps available, the Fryette Power Station has become the most popular, and really, the only product of its kind on the market. As an invaluable tone tool for enhancing preamps and modelers, Power Station users frequently want to know how best to integrate the Power Station into more complex rigs where routing and ground loop problems can be challenging.

Enter Cyclops! A convenient and practical solution that manages signal routing, level matching, silent switching and ground isolation all in one elegantly simple package.

What does it do? The Cyclops box is a transformer isolated Dual A/B Switcher that allows you to connect an amplifier and a preamp/ modeler to the Fryette Power Station simultaneously. Simply connect your guitar or pedalboard output to the Cyclops Input. The Cyclops sends this input signal to either your amp or preamp, and then simultaneously routes your preamp out or loaded amplifier output back onto the Power Station Line Input for re-amping to your speaker cabinet.

You now can effectively add any preamp or modeling device to any vintage or modern cranked tube amplifier using either the Cyclops front panel switch or a remote footswitch located on your pedalboard.

If you are a Power Station PS-2 or PS-100 user, the Cyclops box is truly a must have addition to your current rig.

Dual A/B Switcher with ultra-low noise signal buffer for instrument and amplifier signal routing.

Transformer isolated preamp/amplifier sends eliminate potential ground loops.

Level switch matches preamp level to amplifier level for easy level matching.

Pop mute circuit prevents switching transients regardless of preamp gain level.

Rear panel Ground Lift switch eliminates any extraneous ground issues.

USA Street price: $199.

Optional Remote Footswitch: $34.99

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