We currently have openings for private lessons   Tuesday thru Saturday. We have special rates for group lessons of  2 or more. Contact us for more info and keep rocking ! Or classicalling, or jazzing, or singing the blues. We teach all styles. Our instructors are all certified. No wanna be's !

This is the real deal. Lessons in the style of your choice ! Not the teachers :)  Don't be shy ! Drop on bye !

Westcoast Guitars offers instruction by some of the most talented players and teachers in Vancouver.  Basic private lessons are 60.00 per hour. Group lessons price is dependant on group size.  Our instructors are fully qualified and experienced. Students and beginners qualify for

special discounts on all guitars.

 Meet Our Instructors


Roger Salloum has been teaching with Westcoast Guitars for over 20 years and is one of the most versatile guitarists in Canada. Roger is also an accomplished pianist.  Roger toured Canada with many bands and continues to gig  all over Vancouver. He is an exceptional teacher and is extremely well respected. We are very pleased to have Roger as an instructor and friend for so many years.

Lawrie Koyle is another long time friend and associate. His credentials speak for themselves. Lawrie  has recorded, toured and played professionally with numerous name acts, and his reputation as a session player is renowned. We are pleased to have Lawrie as a guitar and piano instructor. 







    We teach all styles of guitar. Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical. We can give expert advice backed by years of experience when you are looking to buy the correct instrument.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, you can be assured of competent advice from Westcoast Guitars. 



Lawrie Koyle Professional Music Lessons Guitar Piano And Bass

We have an excellent selection of guitars for both beginners and advanced players. Yamaha, Takamine, Ovation, Fender, Schecter, Nashguitars, Ibanez, and many more.

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© 2013 Westcoast Guitars Inc.. All rights reserved.

© 2013 Westcoast Guitars Inc.. All rights reserved.