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A Very Special Limited Edition Gibson Doves In Flight Model 1 of 40 Made Just In August 13 2018

                                            This Guitar Sounds And Plays As Good As It Looks

                                                             Someone Will Be Very Happy

                                                                604 682 4422 For Inquiries

2019 Gibson Doves In Flight LTD Edition
2019 Gibson Songwriter Rosewood Burst
2019 Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Antique
2019 Gibson Hummingbird Vintage Sunburst
2019 Gibson J-15 Natural
2019 Gibson J-15 Burst
2019 Gibson J-45 Studio Antique Natural
2019 J-45 Vintage Vintage Sunburst
2019 Gibson L-00 Deluxe
2019 Gibson Hummingbird Studio Walnut
2019 Gibson J-45 Avant Garde Walnut
2019 Gibson L-00 Vintage Sunburst
2019 Gibson SJ-200 Standard Antique
2019 Gibson SJ-200 Studio LTD Edition
2019 Gibson Parlor Rosewood Avant Garde
2019 Gibson J-45 Deluxe
2019 Gibson J-185 Vintage Sunburst
2019 Gibson LTD Edition SJ-200  Studio
2019 Gibson J-45 Standard
Gibson 2019 Hummingbird Sustainable
Gibson 2019 J-45 Sustainable
Gibson 2019 L-00 Sustainable

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