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  • Westcoast Guitars Vancouver Press Release Oct 18, 2017.

Journey Overhead Travel Guitars Dealer Canada

Call Westcoast Guitars for Journey Travel Guitars in Canada. Special order your carbon fiber or wooden Journey travel guitars at 604 682 4422. We ship Canada-Wide. The popular carbon fiber guitars can be ordered in many colours and are suitable for travel and extreme weather conditions.

The guitar bags easily fit into the overhead bins of an airplane (hence the name “Overhead”) and strap over your shoulder like a backpack. It’s light, it’s convenient and it’s surprisingly small.

These are not cheap guitars – both in price and in quality. From Grover tuners on the headstock to the bridge transducer pickup, it’s safe to say that Journey Instruments isn’t trying to cut corners. They use quality components to built a quality guitar.

Carbon Fiber OF660, is manufactured completely out of carbon fiber, from the neck to the fretboard to the body. The offset sound hole and quasi-cutaway look odd at first but both features grew on me over time. It’s not a full-sized guitar yet somehow it doesn’t feel small when holding it.

Call Westcoast Guitars 604 682 4422 To Order in Canada

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