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Klos Guitars Dealer Canada

Westcoast Guitars is proud to be Canada dealer for Klos Carbon Fiber Guitars made in the USA. Travel guitars, full size guitars, and ukuleles are available now in Canada.

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Mar 18

Yeah this store claims to be a dealer for a lot of brands. Yet don’t return emails or phone calls.

Owner is never around, the guy that they hired to work the 3 hour shift has zero knowledge about guitars . Oh iIalmost forgot , if you want to get there at opening time , (12pm) don’t expect it to actually open on time .

Really getting tired of seeing this store on so many brand websites, that are hard to find and that don’t ship to BC.

Maybe it’s a font , cause they don’t seem to want to sell anything. Either way after 0-3 separate attempts (and trips to the store, because emailing or calling both are useles…

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