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Gibson Custom Shop Mick Ralphs 1958 Les Paul Standard At Westcoast Guitars

Westcoast Guitars continues to offer only the best guitars in the universe.

The Gibson Custom Shop has recreated British rock legend Mick Ralphs’ 1958 Les Paul Standard and, have copied every minute detail of this old burst to make it look like the real thing. This is absolutely one of the best Les Pauls we have seen at Westcoast Guitars.

Gibson states ...

"The original (serial #8 7049) was studied in London, where its top carve profile, neck contours and pickup outputs were measured. It took months to craft the prototype which eventually earned the final approval of both its current owner and Mick Ralphs himself. This resulting run of guitars captures the one-of-a-kind tone, look and feel of the original through the use of hand-selected woods, digitally scanned contours, mapped wear and checking patterns, historic hide-glue construction and vintage-spec materials. The Mick Ralphs 1958 Les Paul Standard Replica is not only a playable tribute to a legendary guitarist but an instrument on par with the hallowed Les Pauls of the late 1950s in every way."

Our vintage experts have given it our seal of approval and only one guitar is remaining from this run.

Contact Westcoast Guitars 604 682 4422

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