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Laney Tony Iommi 50th Anniversary LA100BL (Limited Edition)

Westcoast Guitars sells only the best guitars and amps in the Universe. This number one rated guitar store always has another unique guitar to bring to the world. Whether it is one of our vintage guitars from the vault, or a hand made limited edition Gibson Custom Shop guitar from Slash, Joe Bonamassa, or Mick Ralphs the excitement continues ! Whether it is an ESP guitars from Kirk Hammett or James Hettfield , a Caparison Guitar or a Tom Anderson custom built guitar, Westcoast Guitars is your go to boutique guitar shop.

The Tony Iommi 50th Anniversary LA100BL Limited Edition is no exception ! This amazing hand-wired point-to-point amplifier was hand built by Black Country Customs in the UK to the specs of Tony Iommi's first Laney Amplifier in 1969. A Signature TI-Boost pedal was built to match and exceed the performance of Tony's original Dallas Arbiter Range Master. Only 50 were produced worldwide, and only 5 were shipped to the USA. Westcoast Guitars obtained one in Canada.

Let us know if you need an exceptional quality guitar. Our years of experience in the guitar business may be very valuable to you ! Thanks to all our friends and customers local and worldwide ! We are nothing without your support !Have a great holiday season and Keep on Rocking ! ! !

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