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Westcoast Guitars Appointed Gibson Custom Shop and True Historic Dealer Canada

Westcoast Guitars has been selling high quality vintage guitars for decades in Canada, and we are proud to be handling Gibson Standard Historic, True Historic, and Gibson Custom Shop guitars in Canada. Hand picked quality Replica Level Historic Reissue's with The Hand Crafted Look, Tone and Feel of Vintage Original Gibsons. With the price of 50's and 60's vintage guitars going through the roof these guitars are an amazing value. These guitars feature unprecedented accuracy in vintage looks, feel and tone. Long-tenon neck joints, hand painted nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, hide glue neck construction, one piece rosewood fingerboards, lightweight one piece mahogany bodies, and vintage profiling. Feel free to contact our vintage specialists for advice on choosing any Gibson Custom Shop or Historic Guitars. Our years of experience in vintage guitars will be useful.

Westcoast Guitars 604 682 4422

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