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Best Guitar Store In Canada. FREE SHIPPING On The Best Guitars and Amplifiers In The World

Your number one guitar store continues to represent the best guitars and amplifiers in the universe. Suhr, Tom Anderson, Bill Nash , b3 by Gene Baker, Friedman, Bogner, Morgan, Diezel, Carr, Koch, Ibanez Japan, Tokai Japan, Harmony USA, Gibson Custom Shop, ESP Japan, Larrivee, Alhambra, Cordoba, and more ....

We wish to thank our loyal customers worldwide for your continued support during 2020 and all the challenges it represented. Our commitment to you remains the same in 2021. We will continue to sell only the best hand picked products available.

Contact us at 604 682 4422 For custom orders from the best companies in the music world and "Shop Where The Pros Do" since 1989.

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