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  • Westcoast Guitars Vancouver Press Release May 7 2018.

OOFOS DEALER CANADA 2018 Canada Wide Shipping !

It is summer and OOFOS weather all around the world ! These amazing sandals , clogs and shoes are available across Canada from Westcoast Guitars ! Yes a world famous guitar store is selling this amazing footwear ! The owner Glen Smith was in Hawaii handpicking some solid koa Kanile'a ukuleles for his store, and came across OOFOS sandals in a small shop. These amazingly comfortable cushioned sandals saved his life, and his knees, which had worn cartilage for many years. When he wore the OOFOS sandals the swelling went away as well as the pain ! Immediately he contacted OOFOS with his story and praise. The company made his Canada dealer for OOFOS and the rest is history !

Contact us at 604 682 4422 for information and shipping Canada Wide !

Oofos dealer Canada wide shipping recovery sandals and footwear 604 682 4422

Oofos clogs dealer Canada wide shipping. Orthotic, recovery sandal, shoe, nurses, workwear, covered toe footwear, 604 682 4422
Ooofos recovery sandals dealer canada wide shipping 604 682 4422

Oofos shoe dealer Canada wide shipping contact us 604 682 4422

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