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  • Westcoast Guitars Vancouver Press Release Feb 17 2018.

Westcoast Guitars Appointed Synergy Amps Dealer Canada

Westcoast Guitars is selling Synergy Amps product from Friedman Amplifiers in Canada. Synergy allows the user to use high end boutique amplifiers which are built into a modular set up.

Contact us for orders or information 604 682 4422

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Advantages :

  1. The player who though they just couldn’t afford a boutique amp now can!

  2. The traveling musician that constantly worries about the quality of the backline amp he’ll have to use…problem solved!

  3. The recording studio that would love to have all the best amps available to them. Or the home studio, that wants the same, but needs to keep the process ‘silent’

  4. Efficient, flexible, reliable.

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