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  • Westcoast Guitars Vancouver Press Release Oct 4, 2017.

Slash Anaconda Limited Edition Les Paul From Westcoast Guitars

The Gibson Custom Shop has unleashed the raucous, reptilian-green replica of the Les Paul played by the legendary Slash on one of the highest-grossing tours in world history. Guns n’ Roses’ Not In This Lifetime tour has thus far earned over $230 million. Welcome to The Limited Run Six-String Custom Shop Jungle: 25 signed flame top, 25 signed plain top, and 250 unsigned plain top Anacondas currently slither across the scorched face of the rock n’ roll planet.

The Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul features a 12-inch radius and custom Slash-profile neck and man-eating Slash Signature humbuckers. Much like the wicked Green Anaconda snake itself, which measures on average 9-15 feet and 300-350 lbs and swallows deer, jaguar, cows and people whole, the GNR Not In This Lifetime continues to mow down the masses worldwide, night after night, stadium after stadium. Get your hands on the Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Slash Anaconda Burst. Feed The Beast!

Very limited numbers of this collectible guitar are available. Call Westcoast Guitars 604 682 4422

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