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Tom Anderson Guitars Dealer Canada Taking Orders For Our Next Build Slots

Contac us for upcoming 2018 build slots from Tom Anderson Guitars. Check out our Tom Anderson page to see some of our recent builds. Order your dream guitar, talk to Tom Anderson, and our in store experts regarding your custom ordered Tom Anderson guitar.

Go to Tom Anderson Guitarworks site and spec your dream guitar at the following link.

Input Westcoast Guitars as your dealer and we will get you a quote from Tom Anderson.

You will be sent a retail price quote on your dream guitar from Tom Anderson Guitarworks.

Westcoast Guitars will then give you an artist discount price.

Feel free to use this spec your guitar link as many times as necessary to spec your guitar.

We and Tom Anderson or Roy will be happy to help you with any questions, information, on neck

profiles, pickup types, fret sizes, and wiring options.

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