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  • Westcoast Guitars Vancouver Press Release April 26 2017.

Quilter Amplifiers Dealer Canada Westcoast Guitars News

Great new products now in stock from Quilter Amplifiers California. The amazing Mach 2 amplifiers are creating quite a stir. Light weight high powered analogue amps that consistently outperform much larger and more powerful amplifiers.

The new MicroBlock 45 in a compact pedal format with 33/45 watts of speaker power. Gain, Tri-Q, Master. The same three wide-range controls that made the Tone Block 200 famous are now available in pedal form. Gain goes from clean to soaring overdrive.

The Frontliner 2x8 speaker allows you to mount any Quilter block style in it's rear mounting bay, turning it into a powerful 200 watt combo ! Pick it up with one hand, walk on stage and easily outperform cumbersome 4x12 rigs.

The new Bassliner speakers are the ultimate lightweight solution for the modern bass player, with a docking bay to hold your Quilter Bass Block 800 amplifier.

Call Westcoast Guitars for purchasing information. 604 682 4422

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