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  • Westcoast Guitars Press Release

Best Guitar Store In Canada Again

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It is a new year and the excitement keeps building at the number one guitar store in Canada. Best Prices in Canada and the Universe as usual ! Every year our loyal customers continue to amaze us. Local musicians, rockstars, celebrities, actors, directors, producers, collectors, and friends from all around the world drop in to buy their special instruments. We are very lucky to be able to sell the best guitars in the world and this year will be no different. Westcoast Guitars sells only top name brands like Tom Anderson, Caparison, Larrivee, RainSong, Ernie Ball, ESP, Schecter, Wylde Audio, Bill Nash Guitars, Republic, Yamaha, Takamine, Reverend, Cordoba, Guild, Nord, Moog, Kanile'a.

It will be another great year !

Drop by and " Shop Where The Pros Do " since 1989.

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