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Westcoast Guitars PreSonus Dealer Canada

Presonus, StudioLive, AR12, hybrid, recording, and, performance, mixer,

Westcoast Guitars is proud to be Canada dealer for PreSonus products, including Mixing Systems, Control Surfaces, Software, Recording Systems, and Live Sound Reinforcement. We handle all products including, StudioLive Series III Digital Mixers,StudioLive AI Console Mixers,StudioLive AI Rack Mixers, StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixers,StudioLive Classic, Mixing Systems StudioLive Series III Digital Mixers, StudioLive AI Console Mixers, StudioLive AI Rack Mixers,,StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixers, StudioLive ClassicControl Surfaces, StudioLive CS SeriesFaderPort Series, SoftwareRecording, SoftwareNotation, SoftwareControl, SoftwareSamples, Loops and Plugins, Recording Systems Studio 192 USB 3.0, Interfaces FireStudio FireWire Interfaces AudioBox, Mac/PC/iPad Interfaces, AudioBox VSL Interfaces, AudioBox USB Interfaces, Complete Recording Solutions, MonitoringSceptre CoActual Monitors, R Series AMT Monitors, Eris MTM Monitors, Eris Studio Monitors, Ceres Bluetooth Monitors, Temblor Subwoofers, Monitoring Controllers,Headphones and Amplifiers,Isolation Pads,Preamplifiers and Processors,ADL Series,RC Series,,DigiMax Series,Classic Series,,Live Sound Reinforcement,StudioLive AI Loudspeakers,ULT Loudspeakers,AIR Loudspeakers,WorxAudio X-Series,,WorxAudio V-Series,WorxAudio Wave-Series,WorxAudio Super-SubMeasurement Microphones.

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