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  • Westcoast Guitars Press Release

Canada's Best Guitar Store Westcoast Guitars Best " Price In The Universe "

How do we do it? How can we sell guitars for the best price in the universe ? Simple ! We are experienced knowledgeable and have a 5 star reputation for selling collectible vintage guitars to rockstars and celebrities for decades.

New guitars are no different. We choose quality products that we can sell with a straight face, and we reject the rest. We have long been known for our expertise in metal guitars and floyd rose trems and their idiosyncracies. We have set up guitars for major artists too numerous to list.

Glen Smith the owner has sold thousands of collectible vintage guitars over the years. Westcoast Guitars is the go to place for appraisals and repairs on vintage instruments.

We will continue to sell all new products " Best Price In The Universe " Contact us when you are ready for your first guitar, or when you are ready to upgrade to your dream guitar.

604 682 4422

" Shop Where The Pros Do "

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