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Advantages of Digital Pianos

1. The sound level can be adjusted on any digital piano, and headphones can be used. This provides the      ability to practice in situations where the sound of the instrument would disturb other people.


2. Digital pianos are  less expensive to purchase  and much cheaper to maintain as  regular tuning is  not     required.


3. Digital pianos and keyboards  are less sensitive to climatic  changes such as temperature and     humidity and can be used for practice and performance in places like basements.       


4. Digital pianos are  likely to incorporate a MIDI interface for connectivity. 


5.  Digital pianos  may have features to assist in learning ,composition, and recording, such as a  transposition feature and built in sound recorder. This eliminates the need for microphones, and the inherent problems of audio feedback in sound reinforcement. This simplifies and streamlines  the recording process.


6.  Most  Digital piano models are smaller and much lighter than conventional wooden pianos.


7. The individual features of each digital piano, are varied and  may include  instrument sounds such as strings, guitars, organs, horns, choirs, drum accompanyment  and synthesized electronic sounds.

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